The unfortunate event started in a hospital. Everyone is holding a metal pipe. There are few survivors and one brave patient in this hospital.  The patient must fight for their safety, find the truth of the terrible event and escape from danger.

Metal Pipe Freaks

Adventure game that the player has to find keys to unlock doors, fight and progress through.


WASD | Arrow keys = movement

Z | Left Mouse Button = attack

X = interact

C = cycle between detected interactable.


Artwork by Me

Sound effects: jsfxr - 8 bit sound maker and online sfx generator and Kenney • Casino Audio

Musics: Wowie Resource Pack by Jonas Tyroller (

Font: Pixantiqua Font designed by Gerhard Grossmann


Download 43 MB

Install instructions

Run the executable file to play the game.


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This was an overall good game! Liked the SFX and music!

I'd make things that are interactable more obvious because I had no idea the pipe was there and was confused when the first npc said I had a pipe on me lmao.

I liked the additional dialogue between npcs and the silly names haha. Great job with this!